FemDom Interrogation

mp4 277.31 MB

Bound naked by all four limbs AND your balls...kept hanging there...helpless & vulnerable. A sexy, sadistic interrogator who knows your weaknesses. Teasing you, stroking your cock, promising you a release you so desperately need & all you have to do is give her the information she wants. The cruelest interrogation. The biggest mind fuck. Teasing you with her body, stroking your horny cock with her leather gloved hand, tempting you...but you resist...even as she's wearing you down...you become so desperate you'd be willing to do anything...

Length: 9 minutes

MILF Takes Control Mom/Son

mp4 430.49 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. I'm unhappy with the way you treat women. You cheat & you aren't respectful, etc. This isn't how I raised you! So I'm going to put an end to it. I'm going to tease you so much that you can only ever get hard/cum for me, when I give you permission. I tease you with my ass, my tits and my incredible mouth. I give multiple cum countdowns. I'll have you wrapped around my pinky, under my complete control & you won't be a nuisance to other women anymore.

Length: 15 minutes


Latex Glove Addiction Therapy

mp4 402.83 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You have an unhealthy obsession with latex gloves so you've decided to seek therapy for your addiction. Today your therapist will have you do some work on self awareness & negative association. You'll be asked to do a body scan to notice where in your body you have a reaction to the gloves, not just your penis but if you have physical feelings in your stomach, throat, etc. If you feel your heart beat speed up or if you start to perspire. You'll be asked to rate your arousal on a scale of 1 to 10. Today is mostly about observation. You'll be asked to observe the therapist putting on the gloves, giving them a nice shine & describing touching you with the gloves...sensually & clinically exploring your arousal. You'll be manipulated to a very high state of arousal then denied to introduce negative association to help you break your addiction.

Length: 14 minutes

Tease For Denied Sissy Cuck

mp4 292.33 MB

You are my sissy cuckold, you don't get to fuck me. You just get teased & denied all the time while I humiliate & degrade you. Sit there & keep your dicklet tucked into your panties as I play with a real cock. Look at the size of him! He's so much bigger than you. I know how crazy you are for boots so it's fun to tease you with those too...& further humiliate you by making you clean up all that cum at the end. Awwww...poor sissy bitch. How does his cum taste when your balls are so full & blue? Ha ha

Length: 10 minutes

Playful Sexy Ballbusting

mp4 263.16 MB

Ballbusting doesn't always have to be mean! I love ballbusting & so does my sub. We have great chemistry & a long history. Watch me tease him, ball bust & play with him like toy.
Length: 9 minutes

Blowjob Or Chastity?

mp4 448.01 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. This is a 2 part scene. In the 1st part I am with a guy who thinks he's going to get a blowjob. I tell him we need to check that he measures up to my standard. He has an average sized cock so he's confident all will be okay. I tie him up first to make it kinkier. Then I get out my "Blowjob or Chastity" measuring stick. Uh-oh! He's close but not quite big enough! He gets locked into chastity. In the 2nd part you are seeing things from the point-of-view of the guy tied up & locked in chastity. You have to watch me give a guy with a bigger cock a blowjob while your chastity key dangles from my neck. I tease you about having an "AVERAGE" cock...but not quite big enough...as I give him a hot blowjob & he cums on my chest & on your key! Wow, harsh:-)
Length: 15 minutes

Endless Tormented Denial

mp4 193.46 MB

The tease...the excruciatingly sexy tease...keeping you on the edge...orgasm sooooo close...balls so full...beg for release. I love to hear you beg. I love to see you suffer.
Length: 7 minutes

Chastity Slave Denial

mp4 270.59 MB

Too much cumming isn't good for your submissive brain. You need to be kept horny to increase your focus. Keeping you locked up in chastity keeps you compliant, obedient and focused on MY needs.
Length: 9 minutes

Married Man Denial Mind Fuck

mp4 258.47 MB

Are you married? Do you cheat? Have you thought about cheating? Do you think you're kind of cheating right now? This is for you.
Length: 9 minutes

Your Dick Is Too Big

mp4 337.13 MB

I know this is a departure from all the small penis humiliation I've done, but the truth is, there's such a thing as "too big" as well. Not all women want a giant cock pounding away on their delicate flowers. If a dick is too big, like yours, it can be uncomfortable. So you're worthless. Useless. I'm not interested in fucking you. Your place is as a cuckold, being denied sex. Your freak cock forever banished from lovemaking.
Length: 11 minutes