Cum For Latex Gloves

mp4 277.36 MB

If you love latex gloves & you need to cum this is the JERK OFF INSTRUCTION vid for you! As you can see...I'm wearing black latex opera length gloves...I guide you in a sensual masturbation instruction with a countdown telling you that if you fail to cum on command I'll finish you off with these gloves without lube, which would actually be very uncomfortable. You wouldn't want that so just cum when I get to one. 10....9....8...7...
Length: 10 minutes

Catwoman Defeats Batman

mp4 259.36 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned...well, I refer to you as Batman, so if you're into imagining you're Batman you'll love this. You, Batman, have been captured by me, Catwoman. I'm taking over Gotham & it will be ruled by women from now on. I'm recording this for everyone in Gotham to see. I'll be snipping off your manhood, but before I do I'll allow you one last orgasm. You're going to humiliate yourself by jerking off like a common pervert in front of all of Gotham...then snip-snip! (MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with lots of teasing.)
Length: 10 minutes

Outdoor Corporal Punishment

mp4 242.39 MB

Classic FemDom. Just a good ol' fashioned beating. He deserved it.
Length: 8 minutes

New Slave Tested & Milked

mp4 300.19 MB

Nikki & I enjoy a new plaything. This one confessed a fetish for smothering & scissoring. I'm more interested in testing him out as a sex slave. I sensually manipulate his cock to see how it erect it gets, how long it takes him to ejaculate and how much he ejaculates. This is a prolonged tease vid with bondage, facesitting, smothering (HOM/hand-over-mouth with gloves & ass smothering), scissoring & a sensual handjob with cum shot.

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Length: 10 minutes

Sissy Extreme Chastity Tease

mp4 280.29 MB

*** UNIQUE CHASTITY! *** Cock piercing locks to piercing behind balls, locking cock in a downward position making an erection painful & impossible. My sissy comes into the clinic to have her transformation monitored. We discuss male urges & I unveil my reasoning for piercing that is now healed. I bring out a lock & key explaining to my sissy that arousal will become so painful I will now gain complete control over all male urges. I lock his/her cock to a ring between the scrotum & anus (perineum) then sensually tease him to demonstrate how painful erections will now be. This is a very sexy tease & denial vid with extreme chastity.
Length: 9 minutes

Prisoners Denial

mp4 233.39 MB

Locked up. Tormented daily by a sexy & cruel Femme Fatale. Teased, stroked, used & edged over & over...your poor blue balls aching for release...but being denied... There is a FREE PREVIEW of this vid on the PREVIEWS page on this site.
Length: 8 minutes

Publicly Worship Our Shoes

mp4 145.24 MB

Domina Snow & I give you a taste of what it would feel like to worship us in a busy hotel lobby, where anyone could see you. Imagine humiliating yourself like that, for our amusement... (Click for more Alexandra Snow)
Length: 5 minutes

Latex Gloves Make You Weak

mp4 193.8 MB

A Femme Fatale in latex is your weakness. You'll do whatever I tell you to...& lucky for you today I want your cum. So stroke while I instruct you, tease you & seduce you.
Length: 7 minutes

Ruined, Denied & Ruined AGAIN

mp4 413.24 MB

This vid is intense! The slave gets double teamed by the bombshell Nikki Whiplash & I...he's edged & teased...brought to the edge of orgasm over & he starts to ejaculate I ruin his orgasm (hard ball slapping)...then bring him right to the brink & DENY him...then I work him up again just to ruin his orgasm AGAIN! (Click to see more of Nikki Whiplash) I will be taking private & filmed sessions solo or with Mistress Whiplash at her dungeon in Hammersmith, UK Oct 20-23, 2012. Read this before emailing: (Click to see my blog entry about my UK trip)
Length: 14 minutes

Medical Glove JOI

mp4 167.52 MB

This is a simple Jerk Off Instruction/Masturbation Encouragement vid...bonus if you have a MEDICAL FETISH, like nurses, GLOVES or RUBBER/latex gloves. I know you love to have me guide you...jerk off time is so much more fun with me, isn't it?
Length: 6 minutes