Belt Around Your Neck 2

mp4 396.24 MB

If you survived the 1st one you'll love the 2nd one even'll want to tug that belt just a little bit harder...for me...just a little bit longer...for me...seductive, hypnotic, intense...why stop at the belt? You must have some rope around and something to dangle from...c'mon, you know you're looking for a bigger might just be the best orgasm of your life...
NOTE: This is fantasy breath play. A little controlled neck squeezing while jerking off can make it thrilling. Don't do anything stupid.
Length: 13 minutes

Belt Around Your Neck

mp4 292.88 MB

INTERACTIVE vid alert! I expect you to participate in this one my obedient, kinky, thrill-seeker. Are you feeling daring enough to do as you're instructed? All you need is a belt (a neck tie or rope could work in a pinch) and your hand on your dick. Easy!
Length: 10 minutes

Suffer For Her Ass

mp4 198.37 MB

ASS WORSHIP + CBT + TRAMPLING. FEMALE DOMINATION at it's finest. Feel this slaves pain as I trample him with my full weight & sharp I stomp, kick and punish his penis & balls...all just to worship my ass...(Great ass worship scenes as he suffers under my full weight!)
Length: 7 minutes

Leather Face Crush

wmv 172.35 MB

You will be drawn into this clip POV style. I speak to you directly...and you get to see me crushing & smothering my lucky victim (?!).
Length: 5 minutes

Facesitting Breath Play

wmv 261.76 MB

SMOTHER! You can play along with this clip to see if you could survive as long with my full, jeans encased ass cutting off all of your air.
Length: 7 minutes

Make Out On Human Sofa

wmv 201.27 MB

Humiliated cuckold? Objectified human furniture? Used slave? Smothered face seat cushion? Degraded ass worshiper? All of the above? I smother and grind my ass into the slaves lover & I even double up and grind passionately against each other increasing the weight, pressure & friction.
Length: 6 minutes

MILFs Friends Breasts

wmv 182.65 MB

MILF's friend is visiting and I know you have a fetish for being smothered in those giant breasts. She'll hold you on her lap and give you a BIG, special hug...sinking your face into that sweet smelling, soft, glorious cleavage. If you're a good boy you be allowed to lick her sexy toes...
Length: 5 minutes