Female Domination

Tricked Into Ballbusting

mp4 465.41 MB

Hoping to get a little action this dummy will agree to anything. I coyly get him to play along with a little game that ends up in his balls getting destroyed. Ha ha!

Length: 16 minutes

Sex Slave Used & Controlled

mp4 347.52 MB

Hmmmm, which of my human sex toys will I use tonight? Just a fucking object for my pleasure. If you do everything right & if you are very lucky you might have the privilege of serving your Goddess in the most intimate way...

Length: 12 minutes

Spreader Bar Ballbust

mp4 257.26 MB

There's no protecting yourself when your legs are pulled apart with a spreader bar! I take great pleasure in your vulnerability as I bust your most delicate bits:-)

Length: 9 minutes

Ruined Orgasm Domination

mp4 346.03 MB

A leather gloved hand job scene for fans of ruined orgasms. A perfect sadistic ruined orgasm where just a dribble of cum escapes before I stop stroking, leaving him frustrated & unfulfilled. I dare you to stroke along with me & ruin your own orgasm!
Length: 12 minutes

Double Strap-On with Nikki Whiplash!

mp4 336.9 MB

Oh boy, this is a heavy scene. Mistress Nikki Whiplash & I really give this little bitch a working over. He gets pounded by both of our big cocks, sucks them, goes ass-to-mouth & who knows what the hell else? It's a hardcore, messy scene. Enjoy! (To see more of Nikki Whiplash: clips4sale.com/96987)
Length: 11 minutes

Chastity Slave Trained

mp4 226.65 MB

I find that keeping a slave locked in chastity makes them more docile, more easily controlled. This slave needs to learn how to properly service my pussy. He must learn to always put my pleasure before his.
Length: 8 minutes

New To Her Plantation

mp4 246.64 MB

A new slave is examined for suitability...will he be best suited for field work or for breeding...? (The "N" word is NOT used in this vid).
Length: 8 minutes

Prisoner Brainwashed To Suck Cock

mp4 198.72 MB

Kept locked up in a cell, deprived of sunlight, social interaction, mental stimulation & sexual pleasure. Given just enough sustenance to survive. This "straight" slave is broken. He will do anything for any small reward. Even the things he swore he would never do. Today, reluctantly, he will suck cock.
Length: 7 minutes

Turning Straight Slave Into Cock Sucking Cuck

mp4 355.08 MB

This is a very special vid. I have a slave who has been serving me for a long time. He has been very devoted & claimed he would do anything for me..but he also considers himself very heterosexual. In this vid I tell him that he's going to have to prove his devotion to me by sucking cock for me. He is reluctant & does not want to do it. I seduce him into the idea, I get him to practice on my personal dildo. This is a powerful sensual Domination scene. If you think that you wouldn't suck cock for me, I dare you to get through this vid without jerking off, imagining...even wishing I would make you suck cock for me...
Length: 13 minutes

Sissy Ass-Fucking Cock-Sucking Training

mp4 263.92 MB

This cross-dressed sissy gets some lessons on cock sucking as well as getting 'her' ass stretched and broken in. I'll be pimping 'her' out so I need ensure she won't disappoint me.
Length: 9 minutes