Virtual Ass Worship

mp4 219.61 MB

Settle in & look up at my breathtaking ass. Full, firm, shapely...it makes you weak. I can control you with my powerful butt, just like a puppet, you'll do as I say. You want to bury your face in there, you want to taste me, you ache for it. Imagine me sitting on your face, feeling the weight of me pressing against you, my warmth, my intoxicating scent...do you think you're worthy?

Length: 9 minutes

Feel My Power

mp4 445.46 MB

This is a very intimate, intense, sensual & powerful jerk-off-instructional...with cum countdown & seductive mind-fucking. You want to be controlled. You want to follow my instructions. This will deepen your obsession & devotion to me. I will draw you in...you'll feel like it's my hand on your cock as my grip on you tightens. You'll feel me dragging the cum out of your balls, taking you to new heights...& depths...
Length: 17 minutes

Worship Latex Goddess

mp4 329.62 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. I am your religion. You worship me. Stroke to my instructions & feel my power over you.
Length: 12 minutes

Powerfully Sensual Cum Control

mp4 317.26 MB

A sexy fetish hand job by a Goddess in control.
Length: 12 minutes

Can You Last?

mp4 388.04 MB

This is a test. How much orgasm control do you have? Feeling lucky? Go on, stroke as per my instructions while I tease you with my Goddess body & killer thigh-high boots...play the game...see if you can last until the end.
Length: 13 minutes

So Addicted To Me

mp4 259.58 MB

This is a custom vid but there's no name mentioned & it's really appropriate for so many of you...you, obsessively watching my vids, looking at my pics, you, who can't stay away, who can't get enough, who craves me, worships me & aches to be closer to me. Yes, you. Get this vid & stroke to me teasing you with my body, entrancing you with my velvety voice & wicked words...
Length: 9 minutes

Total Obsession: Onesie

mp4 437.46 MB

My slave is so obsessed by me that he even gets aroused when I'm in flannel pj's. He does have a thing for my ass...& getting teased by it through the flap of my onesie is sweet torment.
Length: 15 minutes

Ice Queen Takes Your Power

mp4 282.19 MB

Attention weak males of Earth, it's time for you to wank for your Queen. There is no point in trying to resist, already my powers have grown so intense that you are practically a jerk addict. Every time you orgasm I become more powerful. I am feeding off of you, stealing your life force, using you as fuel. Yet, even knowing this you can not stop. You can't even look away. You happily stroke & spunk gazing upon me as if in a spell. Your cock springs to life at the mere thought of me...even now, you are already building up a nice load for me...give it to me!
Length: 10 minutes

Red Pantyhose and Stocking Brainwash

mp4 367.92 MB

This is a sensual vid that will deepen your lust for stocking/pantyhose/tights/nylons/hosiery and deepen your addiction to ME! Lots of gorgeous visuals combine solo, intimate moments with just me as well as sexy POV views of me teasing your cock, seducing you...so that as you stroke your cock in a trance-like state it will feel like it's my hand touching you. I count your down from 10 to an explosive finish that will leave you feeling positive & relaxed after you awaken.
Length: 12 minutes


mp4 297.43 MB

This is a custom vid & I say the name "Bob" a few times. This vid is to build anticipation for our upcoming rendezvous. I know you've been waiting a long time to meet me in the flesh. I give you a taste of the teasing torment I'll put you through with this sensual masturbation instructional.
Length: 10 minutes